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About the Bride and groom

The 25th of August will be warmly remembered by them both.


As it was their first date - the day was warm and sunny. 

The sun shone and shimmered through her long, golden hair.


As they both listened and chatted more to each other.

Troy knew he'd just found his soulmate.


They both left that evening with smiles on their faces—Louise because she felt like she'd found someone who might be just as wonderful as she'd hoped; Troy because he knew he had already met the woman of his dreams.


She said yes

troy 4.jpg

After four wonderful years together, with many adventures and memories already made -Troy began to secretly plan his proposal to ask Louise to marry him.


He knew that the time was right and had found the perfect diamond ring.


A table was booked just before Christmas at their favourite Italian restaurant, where Troy plotted a secret proposal. The setting was perfect, relaxed but bubbling with festive cheer.


Louise had no idea what was about to happen and after a lovely meal he got down on one knee and proposed, which took Louise by surprise, with tears and a huge smile she said yes!

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